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Roll up your sleeves and come and be a part of our very first working bee!

Some initial untreated hardwood sleepers, bolts and organic soil have been generously donated, enough for 1 large and 4 small raised beds to be built.

Please come along on the weekend of the 21st – 22nd March, either day or both! 9am start …and help put the beds together, fill them and maybe even plant some food trees:-)

See you there gardeners!


We are creating a food forest and garden that nurtures community spirit and invites gatherings, encourages community food production. and sharing of knowledge in fruit and vegetable propagation, preparation and preserving.

The only requirement is a kind and gentle heart and the desire to help create a productive and beautiful space for all of us to enjoy.

All gardeners welcome!
Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 4.09.34 pm

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